How to Resolve the Problem "The Volume You Have Selected May Not Be Extended"

When you are trying to extend volume with Windows 2003/2008 built-in Diskpart Command, a tiresome message that "The volume you select may not be extended, please select another volume and try again." might always pop up on the desktop. Why? Because the Diskpart utility can not extend system volume with the free space behind the extended drive. What's worse, the operation of "extend system volume" with Diskpart Command is rather complicated. Thus, how to solve this problem easily and securely?

A master-hand: AOMEI Partition Assistant

As a popular server manager, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition possesses many advanced features, for example, merge, resize, clone, split, recover, allocate free space, etc. As for the matter of "extend system volume" for Windows Server 2003, this magic tool has several solutions. There will be an example of extending system volume by shrinking drive D.


Step 1: download AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, install and launch it. (The picture below is the main interface of it.)

Server Edition

Step 2: right click drive D, and select "Resize" option in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: in the pop-up window drag the left end of the slider bar rightwards to get an unallocated space right behind system drive.

Step 4: right click system drive, select either "Resize" or "Merge" option to extend system volume.

Step 5: click "Apply" on the toolbar in the main interface to commit the operations.

In addition, the task of "extend system volume" for Windows Server 2003 can be accomplished by another two means: "Extend Partition Wizard" and "Allocate Free Space". These two means can extend system volume no matter there is an unallocated space or not, and the operations are very simple with the detailed prompt.

With this multifunctional tool, the trouble that "the volume you select may not be extended" will never happen again. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer, just download the tool and try it out at once.

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