Free Server Partition Resizer for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 Server

Do you need free server partition resizer? If so, this article provides step-by-step guide on how to adjust partition size with server partition resizer freeware - free partition manager server-Partition Assistant Lite edition.

Why need server partition resizer?

When setting up server, you need to take into consideration on how much amount of space to allocate for the server partitions, especially system partition. Giving too much wastes your disk space, and if too little, eventually your server is fighting for precious space and is placed in an embarrassing situation of running slow. Although carefully enter the size of space while creating partition, things change or we may find out the size allocated for server partition is not sufficient while the size allocated for another partition is underutilized or too big. Therefore, server partition resizer is the best tool to help your computer go out of embarrassment.

Which software to resize server partition?

Generally speaking, it is not an easy job for system administrators to resize server partition. Besides, most of server partition resizer require to buy. As Partition Magic Server free, free partition manager server-Partition Assistant Lite edition is the only server partition resizer freeware you will ever need to resize server partition free of charge. It allows you to optimize server performance and maximize usage of server storage when administering Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011 and Windows Home Server 2011. Besides, all operations can be previewed before they are implemented on a disk partition.

Free server partition resizer tool to adjust partition size

To begin, you can free download partition manager. The following is an example to shrink D partition and extend C drive in Windows Server 2003.

Step1: Install and launch Partition Assistant Lite edtition, and then, right click on D partition and select "Resize Partition".

Server Partition Resizer Freeware

In the pop-up window, drag the slider bar leftwards to shrink D partition to generate some unallocated space.
Shrink Server Partition

Step2: Click "OK" and you can find an unallocated space has been freed up from D partition. Then, right click on D partition and select "Move Partition". In the pop-up window, drag the slider bar to the right side as shown below:

Move Server Partition

Step3: Click "OK" and you can find the unallocated space locates behind C drive. Then, select C drive and drag the right slider bar rightwards to extend.

Free Server Partition Resizer

Step4: Now you can preview C drive has been extended. To save the changes, click "Apply" on the toolbar.

Click Apply

Compare with the paid server partition resizer, there is a limitation when moving partition. You can not move partition unless the unallocated space size is equal or larger than the partition you want to move. Now free download the full version of this server partition resizer freeware and have a try.

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