Resize NTFS Partition with Three Safe Ways

Brief introduction of NTFS

NTFS, namely New Technology File System, is the typical file system of Windows NT operating system and all the following versions, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 8. Compared with FAT in performance, extendibility, and reliability, NTFS is more advanced. So, it is the first choice for Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

Solution 1: AOMEI Partition Assistant resizes NTFS partition safely

AOMEI partition software is able to resize both NTFS and FAT32 partitions and guarantee the security of personal information in the meantime. The operations can be completed just by clicking and dragging the mouse.

The following shows how to extend NTFS system partition step-by-step.

  1. In the first place, free download and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition.
    Main interface

  2. We can preview the partition file system is NTFS from the main interface and an existing unallocated space behind F drive. Here we just need one click to add it to C drive. Right click on C and select "Merge Partitions".
    Merge partitions

In the pop-window, click the unallocated space.

Click the target partitions

Step3: Click "Apply" to commit the operations.

Preview the changes

Solution 2: Resize NTFS partition with Disk Management

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 built-in DISK Management tool brings two helpful functions: "Extend Volume" and "Shrink Volume". Therefore, we can resize NTFS partition easily with them. Here, we are going to introduce how they works?

  1. Open "disk Management" that under storage folder by right clicking "My Computer" and select "Manage". Then preview all the volumes in it as below
    Computer management

  2. Right click on the partition that needs to be resized, and select Extend or Shrink Volume according to our needs.
    Extend volume

  3. Note: because there is an unallocated space behind D: drive, so the "Extend Volume…" in the drop-down menu is available.

  4. Select "Shrink Volume…" and the program will open a dialogue box as below; we can enter the amount of space to shrink.
  5. Attention: the amount of space cannot exceed the available space and system partition just allows shrinking partition to one half at most.

    Shrink D

  6. Right click C drive, in the shortcut menu the "Extend Volume…" is grayed out. That is because there is no unallocated space next to C: partition. in this case, we need to use other software like AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition, to change the location of the unallocated space and extend C drive.
    No extend volume

Solution 3: Resize NTFS partition with DiskPart.exe

We can use Diskpart.exe tool to manage disk partition in a command line (CMD). For a NTFS volume, it can be extended by adding the unallocated space to an existing volume with backup the data. Here introduce the main steps:

  1. Click Start and type "CMD", then press Enter.
  2. Enter DISKPART.exe in the command line prompt.
  3. Type "help" to show its help information.
  4. Type "select" to choose the target partition.
  5. Perform "extend" command.
  6. For more information, please refer to


Like Disk Management, Diskpart.exe also cannot resize partition if there is no contiguous unallocated space behind it.

Summary on Resizing NTFS Partition

From the above, we can clearly know how the three utilities work. Through the comparison, it is not difficult to find that Disk Management and Dsikpart.exe command is more complex and has many limitations. First, they are more suitable for adept computer users, and are a bit specialized for normal users. In addition, the resize partition feature can not work with the built-in disk management of Windows XP, 2000, 2003. However, AOMEI partition software is flexible, easy-to-use and has many powerful and useful functions, so there is no need to waste our precious time to do complex operations. The last but not least, AOMEI has several editions, such as, home, professional, lite and server edition. Please choose an appropriate version for yourself and download it.

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