Your Best Partition Assistant: Partition Magic for Windows Server 2003

Partition Magic

As a previous program for disk partition, Partition Magic was originally made by PowerQuest, but it is now owned by Symantec. It does possess some powerful functions, such as, resize, copy partition without data loss, convert NTFS to FAT32, etc. However, it can only work with operating system of DOS, Microsoft Windows (excluding Vista and later versions), WinPE. Therefore, there is no Partition Magic for Server 2003, in this case, the AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition will be strongly recommended to manage the Windows 2003 partition.

Partition Magic for Server 2003: AOMEI Partition Assistant

As powerful software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition has been regarded as the best choice to deal with Server 2003 disk problems. It has many advanced features:

  • Resize: help to extend or shrink volume to an ideal size
  • Move: help to move the drive.
  • Merge: merge adjacent and unallocated space
  • Copy/Clone: back up data for upgrading OS or disk change
  • Recover: recover the deleted partitions
  • Split: split one big drive into two smaller drives
  • Allocate free space: allocate free space from a drive to extend another drive

All these features mentioned above can help to optimize the computer performance. Moreover, it will not lead to data loss during the operation.

As a multifunctional tool, Partition Assistant is considered as a full-featured Windows Server disk manager. It supports Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows Home Server 2011, and Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011. With the advanced features, it can resolve many puzzles of the users, for instance, the "low disk space" warning; "extend volume grayed out", etc.

The picture below is the main interface of this magic manager.

Server Edition

With the clear prompt, all the operations can be carried out smoothly. In addition, there are other versions for different users, for instance, the Unlimited Edition, which can meet the enterprise users' need of unlimited usage within one company; the Technician Edition can provide technical service to the users.

Therefore, just download this software and experience its magic functions.

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